Purple Sea Moss
Purple Sea Moss

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Purple Sea Moss

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Our 100% organic Purple Sea Moss contains a powerful antioxidant known as anthocyanins which contributes to the following health benefits: stronger bones, healthier heart, lower inflammation and combat free radicals in the body. 
Purple and gold sea moss contains many same minerals and benefits. however, this depends on each persons intake.
It has been ethically sourced from the beautiful, unpolluted ocean waters of St Lucia. Our Sea Moss is carefully harvested via our trusted farmers as they gather it from the Caribbean Sea, which is then dried in a dark room in order to preserve its natural dark colour and then sent to our place of production.

Sea Moss is a marine vegetable that carries many beneficial properties which is vital to your daily health. Our Sea Moss has been classified as a superfood due to its density of nutrients.

This superfood has a long list of beneficial properties including vitamins and minerals listed below:

All these nutrients are a fantastic source of boosting the immune system and has essential anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Vitamin A

Helps regulate normal vision and increase the immune system. Also helps organs work properly

Vitamin K Essential to the body for blood clotting, helping wounds heal and also helps keep one healthy.
Vitamin E

Supports the immune system and helps cell regenerate. Improves skin health

Vitamin C

Helps the body absorb iron properly

Vitamin D

Helps regulate calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients aid in bone, teeth and muscles.


Iron preserves many vital functions the body, including general energy, immune system and regulation of body temperature


 Essential mineral for the body. Aids in regulating fluid balance and nerve signals. Decrease risk of stroke and osteoporosis.


Can help fight depression and improve mental function.


Helps boost the immune system and helps metabolism function. aids in the recovery of sickness. 

All these nutrients are a fantastic source of boosting the immune system and has essential anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

How to prepare

  • Rinse thoroughly under cold water with lime (optional) to ensure you get rid of all sea salt.
  • Soak up to 24-48 hours with spring water
  • Once soaked drain the wet sea moss and blend using spring water for 3-4 minutes until a smooth gel consistency appears. 
  • Voila! Your homemade superfood is ready to enjoy.

How many Sea Moss gels can I make from 80g of Purple Sea Moss? - Approximately four jars of 300ml Sea Moss Gels

DISCLAIMER: Although this is an all-natural plant-based product, we always recommend those who are currently taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding should always consult with a medical professional before use. Nutritional benefits may vary from person to person. Health benefits listed should not be taken as medical advice. 

Please Note: As our Purple Sea Moss has been harvested deep under the ocean this may carry more sea salt than our Golden Sea moss. This is due to it being dried differently.